Monday, August 8, 2011

Curiousity & Lolcats

If any reader looks at Icanhascheezburger -

there is a video of 2 Siamese kittens "trying to save their person from the shower"

I turned the volume up on my laptop and played it.

Ratbane and Sparrowhawk came walking over to see what the caterwauling was about.
Makes me wonder what those cats were saying.

Just sayin...

401K - 301K - 201K

So my 401K plan had finally recovered to the level it had been before the 2008 dive -

and now here comes deja vu

at least I have now discovered stop losses

talked with my $$ guy and told him that I'll be sitting on cash in my account for a while

Interesting T-shirt

Saw an interesting T-shirt on the bus.

A marshmallow warrior holding a chocolate shield and sword facing off against a golden Chinese style dragon winding its way out of a campfire.

I choose a new "level of discomfort"

When I broke my right navicular bone I was told to wear orthotics or resign myself to gradually becoming crippled. So I have shoe inserts.

When I pulverized my left ankle I was told, after I learned to walk again, to choose a level of discomfort that I could live with because joints are unforgiving and that it would always hurt to the level I allowed. And it might even predict weather.

After years of living with a constant ache, enough stiffness that I can't wear most shoes, and recurring swelling after all but the mildest activity - I have finally had ENOUGH!

I'm tired of taking ibuprofen and having it do little or no good. And Seattle is finally having some summer weather and I want to be able to wear sandals. So off I went to see the Dr.

He looked at it, felt it, put me through a series of range of motion exercises - and prescribed an anti-inflammatory horse pill that actually works. He said 2 twice a day for a 2-3 weeks and then taper it back to 1 twice a day.

Immediate improvement. Twinges when climbing stairs but no pain and reduced stiffness. He also gave me a new brace to use if I manage to over-do and need to apply compression. It has soft pads on sides and over Achilles and tension is adjusted by dials not laces. More complicated than pulling on a compression sock but a whole lot less bulky than using a wrap.