Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is here ! ?

Here I am, and yes I know I've been gone awhile, again.
If I don't have anything I think is interesting to say, why say it?

Life has gone on at Schloss Drang, D.W. has posted a couple of thing about that.

I became an "official" member of Soldier's Angels in December. Got a membership card and pin to prove it.

I "adopted" a Marine, RB, currently deployed in Afghanistan. Please everyone think good, safe, healthy thoughts for him.

We had a power outage in February during the ice storm. We were among the lucky ones and had it back within a day and a half.

The fire dept. came out and taped off the street because of lines down in the next block. I had to wonder about the people who went up to the tape, lifted it over the hood of their car, and drove on down the street. Didn't hear of anyone getting electric shock but...

We lost at about half of our weeping birch tree which makes me sad. It was a wonderful shade tree and now it is a shadow of itself. I hope that branches that remain do well this year.

Now it is March and the arrival of Spring. AND it is the 20th Anniversary of the Bearcat/D.W. wedding! We got the T-shirts today :)

We are celebrating by taking ourselves out of town to the Long Beach Peninsula for some "together time" without interfering schedules. Now if only the weather would co-operate. Forecast for our stay high 30's to mid 40's, chance of thunder storms and snow (yup, it snowed). There was a high surf today, above 16', and it is supposed to get as high as 25' later this evening.

We went to the kite museum yesterday, I'll do a separate post with pictures of my favorites.

A visit to Fort Canby and the interpretive center is scheduled for tomorrow. Think I'll take my frogg toggs (galoshes) along.

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