Monday, September 28, 2009

Dad and I visited another Wesley Homes Residence Community yesterday. This one out on the east hill above Auburn; it has only been open for 2 years. It seemed to have a lot of open space and long corridors. The lounges were well appointed and looked to be comfortable. The problem with going to an "open house" is that you only see the residents who are "working". Almost everyone else stays out of sight and you do not see any regular use of space. We did meet a few residents who were returning from day trips and had a chance to chat while waiting for elevators. Dad even knew 1 couple who he used to dance with. Dad seemed to find the place a bit overwhelming. We are going to re-visit the Des Moines residence. And compare their floor plans and financial requirements with the other 2 residences we've visited and in which he has shown continued interest.

Dad is getting close to making a move commitment. He recently admitted that he has been finding it harder to get things done. And he does not like asking for help in most things. Once he has signed onto a waiting list, getting the apartment he wants could take anywhere from 2 weeks to a year. Closer to the short end of that range is obviously preferrable.

D.W.'s objection to the Auburn residence is that it being on the Auburn East Hill and us being on the Kent West Hill means that if the Howard Hanson Dam does burst and flood the valley we wouldn't be able to get there if needed. It would mean that the only way in would be way north then east to the plateau and then head south again. Along with everyone else who would be using the only route on that side of the valley.

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