Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring (?)

This is the time of year when we all expect the sun to come out of hiding, for flowers to bloom, and for the weather to warm up.

Ah, expectations. We seem to have jumped a bit too far this time.

Spring began officially at 4:02 AM on March 20th. It came in with SNOW, and 60 mph winds. Well, actually, Everett got the snow, and Camano Island got the highest winds and wind/tree damage. At home I only got hail and rain and winds clocked at 41 mph. And temps in the low 30's which meant scraping ice.

March 21st - Our wedding anniversary - driving home from work in the sleet.
D.W. gave me a beautiful floral bouquet.
I gave D.W. a garden gnome. Before you start shouting or cursing, you should know that it is a Thorsson & Associates combat garden gnome. Reclining position, red hat, blue shirt, green trous, and black rifle.
 The 50 cal machine gun was not available when I ordered; I almost got the flame thrower, but this guy was cute.


We are going to go to dinner at Novilhos Brazilian Steakhouse  on Sunday. We couldn't go on our anniversary because the salt mines insisted he be at work way too early the next morning. We will both have next Monday off.

March 22nd - 15 minutes of scraping ice; soon after getting in to work it started snowing. It didn't last too long and it didn't stick, here. North of town there were school delays and closures because of snow accumulation.

If March is planning on going out "like a lamb", it had better temper its temper soon.


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