Thursday, May 16, 2013

Age, definitely a state of mind

This year I will have a garden. More exactly I will have 4 raised beds that are 4' X 4'. With risers for viney things.

I put in 2 different types of tomato, several herbs, an assortment of greens, peas, beans, cucumbers. There will also be carrots and radishes, also kohlrabi and golden beets (hopefully).

We got a string of days with really nice weather and so in went the vegetable starts. Then we got a couple of frosty nights. Followed by a couple of nice days. Followed by thunder storms.

I like rain, it means that I don't have to water anything. It's just that I don't want it in such a way that it eradicates my plantings. Sigh.

But I am feeling "young" and able and cane free; so very unlike last year when there was only pain and hobble.

And now I will start shooting again. More about that in a separate post.

But I am older according to the calendar so I guess I'll have to accept some of the things that occur as a result.


My optometrist informed me that my eyes are aging. A change in prescription, stronger, is in order.

My present glasses suit me admirably; unless I get tired, at which time I occasionally loose focus at bit. So the new ones should keep me sharper.

I picked up my new glasses a couple of days ago. They are going to take some getting used to. The first time I wore them and moved around very much I got a bit dizzy. On the other hand I can now read the fine print on things without "trying".

I'd never heard of the frame brand of Ellen Tracy. The pair I chose is called Greenstone. The stems have sort of a jungle grass pattern, and in just the right light there is a subtle green tint.


I started getting some pain from the herniated disk again in late January. Saw the doc, again.

This time he wanted me on a nerve paid medication. Start with 1/2 a pill 2X day and work up to 1 whole pill 2X day.

Uh uh. 1/2 a pill made me feel dopey and unfocussed. Not a good trait for a bookkeeper.
So I talked to my pharmacist. She said to reduce the medication and add an Aleve tablet.

It works!  So morning/evening I take 1/4 pill + Aleve (it's shorter to spell than generic name) and am pain free.

Now if I can just keep from miss-stepping and twisting my ankle...

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