Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pay to sell my car?

The title of this post sounds distinctly odd.

I'll explain.

The problems that evolved last year with my back and leg made me realize that it can be problematic to count on a small, low, stick shifted car to get around in.

My small car is a 1990 240SX, which is popular with the street car fans.

It drives well. It is in quite good shape for its age. Yeah, it needs cosmetic work. We all do as we age. Florence is still fast and beautiful.

There is a neighbor kid (17) who wants a car that he can get to school in and work on. He is enrolled in classes to become an automotive engineer. He works on his Dad's BMW. He has no money, or not much.

His father works on Boeing's airplanes. He has come and looked car over, ran it, approves.

So we now have a "handy-kid" who is gung-ho about helping with yard work, or other work, that we don't want to tackle (like climbing up on a roof to spread moss stuff). He doesn't want money in hand, we are keeping a worksheet of hours worked and/or tasks performed to show accumulation of value.

So I guess you could say that I am paying him to buy my car. The old barter system at work.
His grandparents (who I am guessing to be around my age, based on ages of his parents) got a chuckle out of it when they heard.

Handy-kid also works for others around the neighborhood but says it is hard to get enough jobs.

He doesn't work on Saturdays. That's his dirt-bike day.

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