Saturday, July 2, 2016

A new attempt

We started this year adventuring. Over New Year's we took a 10 day Mexican Riviera cruise. Quite enjoyable; the #1 memory from the cruise was the whale watching. While on board we signed up to do a 2 week cruise for our 25th anniversary. Relatives have been invited to celebrate with us.

April brought a trip to the other side of the Mexican peninsula. We did an all-inclusive at the El Cid resort in Puerto Morales (south of Cancun). Yes, you can sunburn while lounging in a cloth enclosed cabana. There is a lot to see in that area, we will be returning. We need at least another full day at Xcaret park.

For the 1st year since 1960 we do not have barn swallows nesting under the front eaves. I guess I didn't do a good job of cleaning after they departed last fall. I miss my little birds.

Ghost is in training to be an indoor only cat. He had one too many expensive trips to the vet after a tussle. He knows the sound of the door knob turning well enough to try streaking for the opening. It's a learning curve for both of us.  Pearl still goes out, she usually wants back in in just a few minutes;unless she goes out just as I head for the UPS and/or grocery.

I continue to submit applications for employment. I admit that I am very frustrated. It is depressing to be bypassed for position after position for which I know I am qualified. One local store had openings for 4 positions. A couple of days ago I had occasion to be there; all the new hires were under 30. Do I want to be a WalMart "welcomer"?

I'm in the window for social security and medicare registration. About to be eligible for more senior discounts.I need to look into the feasibility of delaying soc.sec.benefits for better payment at a later date.

I wonder when this year's summer family reunion will be. I haven't heard from any of the OR contingent for quite a while. At times I feel the the Salem/Federal Way distance to be more than just a distance of miles.

Guess that will be enough for now. I "intend" to come back to this site on about a weekly basis, use it as a sort of diary. Hope I  can maintain that. 

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