Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Grocery store

It was said that hot dog buns were needed for a 4th of July potluck at my Dear Heart's place of employment. As I needed to go out to pick up a prescription we decided to journey together. Medication purchased we headed to the grocery.

We perused the selection of hot dog buns and the preferred packs were placed into cart. Now we turned to the selection of breakfast items behind us as I had not prepared anything to be quick to hand the next morning. Muffins were decided upon.

Dear Heart asked if we had salsa at home, a staple. I replied that indeed we did but I wondered whether we had sufficient chips. (Chips and salsa is often an apre' work nibble for Dear Heart.) Off we went to the chip aisle.

At the end cap of the aisle were the shelves of numerous sizes and types of tortillas. It was wondered if such would make a good wrap for left over roast beast and horseradish cheddar, with possibly some lettuce and sour cream or guacamole for a bit of moisture. The 10" mixed grain rounds were added to cart. We proceeded up the aforementioned aisle to select the tortilla chips desired to accompany salsa. Dear Heart wondered where the salsa for chips was as it was not in sight. I informed him that said item was, of course, to be found with the Mexican food items (they moved it when a couple of stores combined; I was told it was to simplify stocking, which then made me wonder why honey is now to be found in 2 locations based on size of container).

As we exited the aisle we found an "inducement" table stocked with a goodly quantity of dark red and yellow cherries. Dark sweet  cherries were now added to cart.

It was decided that we were now finished shopping and headed to the check out lines. While Dear Heart got into line I headed out to the car to retrieve a larger shopping bag. I had taken a small bag into store as we were only going to get hot dog buns. Heard this one before have you?

Dear Heart proceeded me to the checker and stood ready to retrieve our bag(s) when they were tallied. Hmmm wonder where those Reeses Sticks came from, my love's eyes went toward ceiling and he did a little whistle.

We exited store with one quite full bag, the unused bag being slipped down inside. 

Have you ever noticed how frequently this scenario seems to happen. You run in to quickly pick up an item, possibly two, and it turns into a 1/2 hour or more of gathering "oh yeah" items. My grocery list helps immensely but there are still times when I think that grocery stores can be very menacing.

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