Friday, June 26, 2009

I stayed home from work on Wednesday because I wanted to be there when Sierra Stone Northwest did the resurfacing of our patio. They'd said they'd leave the bill and I could mail a check if it was easier. Those who know me also know that since D.W. had to go to work and I don't always believe workers will do what I was told they would do when unsupervised...... Not to mention I wanted them paid immediately so that there was no possibility of a construction lien being started. Yup, trusting, that's me.

We forgot to take a "before" picture, darn. It took them about 5 hours.
They cleaned out the starts of new growth that had appeared post-pressure wash and filled in the holes and cracks with epoxy. That was followed by a rather nasty smelling primer, then they chased away the neighbor cat. They started to mix epoxy for surface when neighbor cat returned, got chased away again. Back to mixing; picked up neighbor cat and set him just on edge of primer - he schedaddled. Finished mixing, glared at cat. They blended 5 different colors of pebbles to get the mix we had selected, poured in the epoxy and they were off on the 1st of 4 sections. (I watched the color/epoxy blending. A cooking analogy would be layering dry ingredients for a recipe, without a bowl, blending them then adding liquid to center and stirring to combine evenly.) To create the new patio surface they used a "rake" to spread the stone mix and then got down on hands and knees to spread/tamp/smooth. As they started to mix for 2nd section they had to run off you-know-who, again - luckily this was the last time. The last step of the day was tossing a light layer of sand over the wet surface, to add just enough "texture" that it won't be slippery when it gets rained on.

We had chosen a 2nd, lighter, color to be applied to the "step" aka "weird angled ledge" on patio. Guess what! It can be seen, easily. Now I wish I had told them to do that to garage door step as well.

The "new" patio looks great! We were laughing last night because it has just enough shine to look "wet". No more looking at patio and saying "it's starting to rain". :)

Next, final (?), step is building new stairs. Home Depot here we come.

We'll have a BBQ when they are in!

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