Friday, June 12, 2009

I've had a couple of mishaps lately. Darn it! I am NOT at a certain age and starting to fall apart; I simply refuse.

I hadn't been to the dentist for longer than I should have - I called & made an appointment. Several days before the day, all of a sudden, c.r.a.c.k, broke a tooth. Went & got a rubber patch applied; on the appointed day I got prepped/fitted for a crown as well as rest of exam and cleaning. Oh my aching jaw. I get the actual crown next week.

This week I have grounds to sue the city of Seattle. Those sidewalks are UNSAFE. I was walking along, on my way to work, and WHAM! All of a sudden I was flat on the ground. The thing just reached out and grabbed the toe of my sandal. I have witnesses! No broken bones, no torn clothing. My hands bore the brunt and got chewed up some. And I seem to have jarred one hand to the extent that I either bruised the bone or strained it somehow. Tonight D.W. took me to buy a wrist support so that I will stop using it wrong and give it a chance to rest. Sigh.

We are supposed to be going to a "shoot", or at least an outdoor social event, tomorrow. Can't shoot, can't spin, don't kow any of the attendees. I'm having 2nd,3rd,10th thoughts - still haven't made up my mind whether to go or bail and send D.W. on his own.

Last weekend Raven and I went to visit the Firwood Farm Alpacas. Oh yeah, tasty fibers. Met the pure black herd sire and the white herd matriarch. We got to hand feed several, some very dainty, some slobberers. Glad to have the hand sanitizer. The "Guard Westie" was a treasure.

But it was last year's babies who won us over. Mr C, and Hershey are milk and semi-dark chocolate. Bellagio is a suri throwback, longer straighter fiber, thinks mini dreads instead of curls. And he is a multi-color! fawn, gray, white, mocha. Yummy. The herd was to be sheared/sorted/graded on Tuesday. I left a message today asking what fiber they would have for direct sale and reminding her of what we had told her when we were there. Crossing fingers that the news will be good.

Raven was wearing a watch/bracelet set which she had made. (I didn't register for any of Fusion Beads classes this time around. sorry to have missed this one.) She says that she'll show me the technique - Triangle weave chain.

Father's Day is fast approaching and not an idea of what to do for Dad. A pocket case for the ever present toothpicks, perhaps? He did say when we talked tonight that he would like to go back to Maria Callendar's for one of their brunches again sometime. Hope they are taking reservations.

The Aunts are leaving in the morning for a trip back t0 the old homestead. Aunt B's daughter and husband will be doing the driving. Since both aunts are now in 80's this may well be their last visit. Dad (86) says he wishes they had asked if he wanted to go.

Does this mean I need to plan a driving trip to Midwest? I already am working on how to do the coast trip he wants.

Next week we get a new patio! Or more accurately a freshly resurfaced patio. I am very much looking forward to having a nice looking patio.

Next step is steps. So just what does it take to build new steps (4)? Sure can't use the step stool I put out there was any length of time.

When that is done I think it will be time to get Dad on Evergreen's waiting list for the apartment he wants to move to. I'll have to start clearing things out of here so that I'll know what we want to take with us in the move to the house.

I have been doing fairly well with the "redesign the Bearcat" plan. Not losing weight fast, but losing it steadily. Leslie says my chart looks fantastic. I commented to D.W. tonight that it surprises me how many people comment on my brighter spring/summer wardrobe. It is still quite casual but nicer casual.

Ghost says I'm ignoring him so I better go appease the cat. Jet went outside after it cooled off; wonder what time he'll decide to come back in tonight.

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