Friday, July 31, 2009

and life goes on...

Last Friday I stayed as late as possible to get everything done and still make my bus connection, the commute was only slightly slow. Did manage to get home in time to get the car and go pick up my glasses. Little bit stronger prescription. Must be slow in the eyeglass industry, they only took 4 days.

Saturday morning we got on the road for my family picnic. Made really good time until we were nearly there and got stuck behind a combine. Not for long and we knew the reason when folks that came from close by were late arriving. There were 4 generations represented, the youngest 1 1/2 years and the oldest 86 years. Six little kids. A cousin from Swiss Miss' side of the family. Conversation with her helped me fill in the blanks on some family connections. Several people brought memorabilia: toys & knickknacks that had been in grandmother's house, the old stool we had to sit on "in the corner", Great Aunt's family bible, Swiss Miss' 1st Communion, Grandparent's Marriage Certificate (in German and fancy script), Great Grandfather's enlistment in Union Army and discharge from Indian service. I was MOST happy to learn that he was in the post hospital and had to miss Custer's Last Stand! Think those last 2 interested D.W. the most. There was plenty of good food. I made a list of everyone there afterward, we numbered 37. Weather? Sunny and hot (high 80's) but we ran into rain just as we got home; we could smell it before we saw it.

Sunday we went to the Scottish Highland Games (and Ren Faire). D.W. got some more Wicked Tinkers cds. [Poor curmudgeon tried to use Wicked Tinker to combat rap music at work and then found out that those owners of obnoxious music were also Tinker's fans. Go figure.] I found a short, season spanning, Celtic knot design dress suitable for work and a tank t-shirt which will have to be a project before it is wearable. Why any clothing manufacturer would only make size small seems odd. I'll have to cut it off at the spaghetti straps, open the side seams, and then applique' the panels onto other solid color regular tanks. It's an intricate Mother Earth/Green Man design. When it's done I'll post a pic. We also played a bit in the tent of a leather clothing company. Black (his) and white (hers) highwayman coats? We'd have to un-gafiate. They WERE pretty.

And then it got hotter! and hotter! The fans went into the windows and have stayed there, running full out. We have the exchange fans and can blow hot air OUT as well as bringing outside air in, I think that helped. Hard to tell when the temperature didn't really drop into anything "normal" even at night. We set lots of records: hottest day ever in area (twice), multiple hottest for date, longest heat wave. We are not made for 100 degree temps here! Today it only got to 86 and everyone is enjoying the coolness. It's going back up again tomorrow for another week or so they say. Boss actually sent us home early a couple days because it got so hot in the (NOT air conditioned) office. I took 1 "personal health" vacation day to avoid 100+ temp.; at home I could wear less ;)

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