Saturday, July 11, 2009

So between then and now - life happened...

Last weekend we went to Cabelas. 'Nuff said? see D.W.'s blog for his comments. As an incentive for the road trip he suggested a visit to Shipwreck Beads, "the world's largest selection". It's about 2 miles from Cabelas and, though it is hard to credit, I had never been. WOW! We spent a couple of hours and I bypassed whole sections, including the books and instructional dvds.

The next day I rearranged the corner where my new gun safe is located. Moved several furniture pieces that were not large, but cumbersome. My back complained a bit for a couple of days. Aleve to the rescue.

We have gone back to "summer schedule" at the office. From now through September I will be working 4/10's, Tuesday - Friday. Makes morning come pretty darn early! I catch the very 1st express bus of the day from this area into town, and the next to last bus out.

This weekend is Kent's Cornucopia Days celebration. No Farmer's Market but a rather extensive street fair set up. We found a few Xmas gifts. I also found out that a local shop hosts spinners for a few hours twice a month. YES! Much easier to get to than visiting Weaving Works in the U District in the evening after work. Picked up cards from a couple of local craftspeople who do custom refinishing.

Last night D.W. showed me a page from Wednesday's, July 8, Seattle Times which featured a recipe for Spinach Phyllo Pie, (actually a roll). I decided to try it for tonight's dinner.

Before baking

During baking we opened a bottle of Sangria, which we 1st tasted on the trip to Long Beach for D.W.'s birthday.
His glass says King Crab
Mine says Queen

After baking

D.W. says

I have now written several amendments on the page and it will go into the recipe box.

Tomorrow I am planning to visit Carpinito's fruit, vegetable and plant center to see it their produce department carries golden beets. I found out last summer that I can eat them easily, unlike the red ones that bite me back. They seem to be one of those "specialty" veggies like kohlrabi (another of my summer faves).

Then I'll be visiting my Dad.

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