Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I found out last week that my high school class is having our 40th reunion this coming weekend. There actually are a few with who I would like to renew acquaintance. There is a Friday night dinner event, and then the main event on Saturday at the Tulalip Casino & Resort. Looking at the RSVP's for the Friday event it appears that there will be 2-3 dozen people (so far none of my reconnects). BTW my graduating class had close to 700 students; it was the last year as the only high school in the district.

This coming weekend is also the annual family gathering nominally celebrating my paternal Grandmother's birthday, Swiss Miss passed away in 1989 at the age of 97 yrs 51 wks. Guess where we will be on Saturday.

If your guess was ON THE ROAD you would have it right. Because this weekend is also, drumroll anyone?, the Highland Games; where we will make an appearance on Sunday and thereby miss being part of Raven's Saturday presentation on period dress.

It looks like we will have another week of mid-80's weather with a couple possible excursions into the low 90's. I'm ok with the lower 80's during the day if it would only cool off at night; I have dresses, skirts, and this year even shorts. I have sunglasses and sun hats - one of which I am told makes me look demure. Please to stop laughing. What I dislike, have a real preference AGAINST, is when the temp doesn't drop below the mid 70's by midnight. I would like to be able to sleep.

Adding more fun this week was the buying of sticky traps for the latest outdoor toy which the boys (at least 1 of them) brought indoors. It didn't get stickied this time. Guess the boys were keeping it from getting to the kitchen and it got hungry enough to go for the peanut butter in the electronic trap. Bye bye Ratbert.

I bought onions this past weekend so that I could reprise the spinach pie rolls. Bagged baby spinach doesn't make as good an impression as fresh from the field spinach. Today the annual "gift" of Walla Walla Sweets to our office from one of our vendors arrived. I now have a sufficiency of onions.

Our Farmers Market was back this weekend. There were 2 booths that had golden beets, hurrah! This year's "trendy" veg looks to be Purple Kohlrabi. Tastes just the same as green. I'm not sure I understand why it was developed other than that they could as it has to be peeled to prepare so the color goes away.

This is Day Two of "Torchwood, Children of Earth", on BBC America. This 5 day mini- series presentation of the story is presenting a lot more depth of character than most of their past storylines. Check it out. I think I saw that it releases on DVD around the end of the month.

Dad called, seems that he got an astronomical gas bill. Seems his meter hasn't been working and they just figured it out. This sounds all too familiar, seems there was a whole slough of dysfunctional meters last year. We're going to review his past bills tomorrow.

I ordered my new glasses yesterday, they should be ready in a couple weeks. These have a light violet colored frame, it will be a different look. I'll probably get new lenses put into my current frames when I have the new ones. I'm thinking that there will be times when I will want the more neutral color.

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