Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

We are in the midst of an extreme wind advisory until this evening. The trees are whipping around and our windmill is spinning so fast that the blades are merely a blur. They say we'll have gusts to mid 50's mph. All I know is that the big yard waste container was moved several feet forward before it was blown over. Luckily it made it all the way out from the garage and past my Nissan before it fell.

The cats finally decided that "maybe" it would be better to stay in.

D.W. and I exchanged gifts before he had to leave for work. Or at least we opened some gifts; both of us have things which have not yet arrived, hopefully by the end of this week. It was hard to find his as it was Sold Out at every store within 25 miles and most that were found on-line were trying to exploit that fact and that THE DAY was rapidly approaching by bumping up the price $100. Finally found one, he will probably blog about it ( when it arrives. Toys, you know.

I received a pretty new range bag that is a leopard print. It is large enough to hold anything I would need to carry, and it includes 3 matching rugs. I'll post a picture as soon as my "smart"phone and Bloggr finish the registration.

I will also be posting a picture of the curio cabinet which we found!

Our holiday dinner will be tomorrow when we both have the day off.

Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday wish you use) to everyone; most especially our family, as spread out as we are.

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