Sunday, December 11, 2011

I broke the rule.

It has been a firmly established rule in household Drang from the very beginning:

Birthday and Christmas gifts are to be personal - no appliances or household goods need apply.

This year I asked to break that rule/tradition, temporarily.
I said I want a curio cabinet. A definite piece of household furniture goods.
There are small things still in boxes from the move that need a permanent home.
We went shopping.

Now, I know that people still collect things. There are any number of "collectibles" available on-line, in catalogs, in local stores.

So why have stores stopped carrying curio cabinets? There are LOTS of hutches and break-fronts available. Apparently one is expected to believe that these are the same thing. So NOT.

We were told to try the (name withheld) factory outlet store. They did indeed have several. All of which had transport damage, which is why they were there, and were being sold "as is".


We looked through the Exchange web site. Found a few. I considered the price a bit exorbitant. Trepidations arose.

Next stop Factory Direct.

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