Saturday, December 3, 2011

Too soon, too soon

December? 'M sooo not ready for this to be the end of the year. So far no snow, here. But it has been cold enough that Ratbane has been staying in; and when he does venture out it is for short periods of time not the hours he logs in summer.

Now we have a dark grey tabby trying to convince us that he lives with us. We started calling him Holler because of his vocalization - but I changed it to Stranger - just so that I can say "Howdy Stranger" when I leave the house. I know, that was bad of me but WTH. Anyone need a friendly male adult cat?

I have to make a confession. I am becoming addicted to those stupid games on facebook. Sigh. Just what I need, another way to waste time.

I think I may have a spinning (fiber) student. We had a meeting at the beginning of the week. She had just put her wheel (a new Kromski model) together, unfinished. We talked maintenance, learning to draw, keeping a steady momentum of wheel. I sent her home with a loaner drop spindle and some roving to practice "drawing". Told her to treadle while watching TV or talking with family/friends. She'll have to take her wheel apart again to apply whatever protective sealant she decides on; she says it is a real easy model to construct. We'll get together again in a couple weeks. Told her that if she doesn't want actual lessons but would like to just get together to spin that I was agreeable to that. Fewer lesson plans to prepare and materials to gather, but productive. Maybe I'll rejoin the NW Regional Spinners, and become a spinner klatcher. Gossip anyone?

D.W. hasn't told me yet what he wants for Xmas. (Boom?)
I broke the rule of gifts this year; told him what I want is a curio cabinet for the living room. I must be getting old. Dragons need a home.

I get to remove the Unna boot dressing from my ankle tomorrow. Really looking forward to taking a shower without having my lower leg sealed into a plastic sleeve to keep dressing from getting wet. Still haven't figured out what caused the ulcer/wound, had xrays taken to make sure it wasn't any metal left over from previous surgeries. Boy do I need a pedi.


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  2. Too bad Blogspot doesn't let you edit comments...

    "Unna boot"=dressing with magical potions. Seems to have worked. Had to have some surgical stocking over it to keep it from getting messed up. Also acquired a polyurethane boot thingy with a gasket that (mostly) fits under the knee, so that she could take a shower. Not likely to be a feature on the runway any time soon, but it (mostly) works to keep the owie dry while showering. Beats the heck out of a garbage bag and duct tape...

    Next time a cat walks across the keyboard, I am going to be much more careful about proofreading...


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